Megaminx Speed Cube 5x5 Kilominx Gigaminx Cube Puzzle Games Twist Fidget Toys Christmas Gift for Kids (5x5 Megaminx black)

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♥ FEATURE: The corners are large and the contact surface is very smooth. The edges are integrated. You will feel very well.

♥ STRUCTURE: Center screw and six axis spring are fine adjustable. The cube puzzle has good balance and it is anti-pop.

♥ MATERIAL: ABS plastic, ECO friendly material. PVC stickers of 12 colors.

♥ AMAZING: This is a professional 5x5x5 megaminx cube of the megaminx family. It will give you an extraordinary experience of vision and touch.

♥ CONTAIN: A 5X5 megaminx cube, a holder for the cube and a cloth for wiping.