Snake Speed Cube Puzzle Toys 48Parts Twist Magic Ruler Cube Pack Hand Fidget Toy Games Set Holiday Christmas Gift for Kids Children Adults Friends | White

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●This snake cube is an extended version of the magic ruler cube. From 24 parts to 48 parts. The cube set contains a 48 parts red-white snake cube and a 48 parts green-white snake cube.

● This speed cube set is a kind of puzzle toys can be free bent and free to reverse. It has a rich combination of colors.

● Between each triangle, there is a small button with mechanical compaction. And the spring design can enhance the close connections. Then the cube is anti-pop.

● Smooth surface, feel better. There are 4 concave convex grooves for every section. So the snake puzzles can better position during the rotation process.

●This snake cube puzzle has a kaleidoscope of shapes. Twist it according to your imagination. It can show the kids' boundless imagination.