Speed Cube Snake Ruler Cube Puzzle Pack | 24 Wedges Twist Puzzle Toys | 3 Magic Snake Cubes Collection in 1 Box | Stickerless Cube Toys

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● Anti-pop rubiks cube - Between each triangle, there is a small button with mechanical compaction. And the spring design can enhance the close connections. So the cubes will be anti-pop.

● Speed cubes smooth and fast turning - Smooth surface, feel better. There are 4 concave convex grooves for every section. So the snake puzzles can better position during the rotation process.

● Straight line of the snake cubes - Please make it a straight line before beginning to play it. The cube’s length is about 16.2 inches.

● Various shape rubiks cube - This speed cube set is a kind of puzzle toys can be free bent and free to reverse. So there are all kinds of shapes. You can twist it according to your idea.

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